Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. Is it worth it?

With all the talk about the latest Apple devices and jailbreaking, one question which will surely be on everyone's mind is whether it's all worth the trouble or not? First, I am going to try and shed some light on this topic.


The latest Apple TV 3 device is really quite sensational. It comes with a myriad of options that can impress almost anyone. Sadly the device still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of functionality. This is where jailbreaking comes in. If you were just planning on using your Apple TV device for web browsing or just plan on using the basic widgets available on the device, there is no need and no point in jailbreaking it.



The main purpose of  jailbreaking an  Apple device  is so that you can remove the limitations on its hardware and software and unleash its maximum potential. But, if you're looking at gaining access to a wide range of media through your Apple TV 3 then you will need XBMC, one of the best apps out there. The only problem is XBMC isn't available on the Apple app store. You'll need to jailbreak your device if you wish to use this app. When you jailbreak your device, you will be able to access lots of television shows from your favorite networks like ABC, NBC and the CW. You will also be able to change navigation menu formats and even customize your backgrounds. Jailbreaking is basically for those of you who aren't satisfied with what the Apple TV 3 device already offers.



Now that you know what jailbreaking is about, let's take a look at the process in brief:-



1. There are two types of jailbreaks for the Apple TV 3. One is tethered and the other is untethered. Tethered jailbreaks are more common and you will require a laptop and micro USB cable for the process. The only difference between tethered and untethered versions is that the tethered versions will need you to connect with a laptop while booting while the untethered versions can boot without a laptop.



2. All you need to do after this is download an Apple TV jailbreak software from the internet. Depending on whether it’s a tethered jailbreak or untethered jailbreak, just follow the steps and install and run the software. And just like that, you will have jailbroken your Apple TV 3 device in a matter of minutes.



One last thing about jailbreaking. Apple will not provide any support for jailbroken devices and your warranty will be void as soon as you jailbreak your device. That is why it is recommended that you take a backup of your device using iTunes before installing the jailbreak. This way, if you every need to take your device to Apple in the future, all you have to do is restore your Apple TV 3 using the backup saved in iTunes. Your device will return to normal and it will be as if you never jailbroke it at all.